Mosquito Management Service

Mosquito Management Service

Mosquitoes are small flying insects that bite the humans/animal suck the blood and become a cause of several diseases, when they bite people feel itchi and they can see little bums on their skin. Mosquitoes find in all over the world and there many species of mosquitoes in thousands, Mosquitoes produce in still water or slow moving water mostly. A female mosquito can give 100 to 500 eggs directly of even on the surface of the water.

Mosquitoes spreading diseases:

Mosquitoes play a big and vital role for spreading diseases virus, sometime these virus are dangerous and may become loss of many precious human lives. People affected because mosquitoes spread the germs, Mosquitoes need blood for live, female mosquitoes required blood for laying eggs. They don’t need blood when they born and come out from eggs.


Diseases By Mosquitoes:

Dengue virus


Yellow fever


Zika virus.


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